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Element Vape carries the industry's most advanced vape tools and accessories, catering towards build-orientated users for their favorite RDAs, RDTAs, and RTAs.
Model: iae1r3nb
Show More The Coil Master 521 Tab Mini V2 delivers a modern update to the original multi-functional building accessory, retaining the features of ohm meter reader, voltage drop checker, rebuild deck, and test fire station. It is equipped with a 510 spring-loaded connector for attys of all size and i..
Ex Tax:$29.99
Model: riflmmdr
Show More The Coil Master DIY Kit Mini positions itself as a builder-orientated featured set available today, including mini diagonal pliers, folding scissors, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, tweezers, organic cotton, and a Coiling Kit V4. It offers a plethora of tools, each tool is specifically..
Ex Tax:$29.95
Model: 7mjtgx5n
Show More The Coil Master Skynet 8-in-1 Prebuilt Coils Set is designed for high-performance set-ups within a collection of eight exotic coil configurations in pre-coiled settings that eliminates the hassle of wire building. Each coil is machine-twisted for precise and consistent building material, p..
Ex Tax:$23.99
Model: ps2nll4g
Show More The Geek Vape Mini Tool Kit is a pre-selected set of all the essential coil building tools any novice or advanced users could ask for, featuring screwdrivers, coiling kit, pliers, and scissors within a zipped tool pouch to create any type of coil configuration necessary.Geek Vape Mini Tool..
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Model: eci74xma
Show More The Oumier Wasp Nano Tool Kit is the vaper's rebuildable kit, compromising of plier cutters, screwdriver set, a pair of folding scissors, ceramic tweezers, coiling jig, allen key, held in place by an elastic retaining band in a durable rolling woven bag.Oumier Wasp Nano Tool Kit Features:R..
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