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The performance Drip Tips offers a wide spectrum of styles and variation from the top manufacturer's in the industry, providing 510 and 810 fitted connection for vape tanks and RDAs.
Model: b1fz9muh
Show More The 810 Cone Drip Tip is a proprietary drip tip formed from resin materials sporting a snakeskin pattern, smooth curving tip, and the flexibility to fit on a variety of 810-fitted top cap.Due to the nature of manufacturing, design, and unique resin elements, each Drip Tips features a uniqu..
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Model: 78lm4p6d
Show More The Aleader 510 Drip Tip Kit is a set of 8 variety of vape drip tips, featuring randomized designs ranging from resin, snakeskin, and much more for a customizable option.Note: Due to the nature of manufacturing, design, and unique resin elements, each Aleader Drip Tip features a unique col..
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Model: wea2eydd
Show More The Aleader Mixed 510 & 810 Drip Tip Kit is created vapers with diverse mod collections, giving them the ability to choose from a myriad of drip tips made from Delrin, acrylic, epoxy, and resinous materials.Note: Due to the nature of manufacturing, design, and unique resin elements, each A..
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Model: ilbvu48j
Show More The Blitz Expansion Tubes Set for the Uwell Valyrian, Horizon Falcon, FreeMax FireLuke Mesh delivers the ultimate add-on to the performance-drive platforms with a distinctive Epoxy Resin drip tips to pair with a matching Epoxy Resin glass tubes for your favorite tanks. The exterior of each..
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Model: w6vwjvy1
Show More The Blitz Intrepid RTA Resin Drip Tip is a proprietary drip tip, incorporating a 9mm widebored airflow channel, 10mm low profile height, and is individually poured for a unique resinous design.Quick Links:Blitz Enterprises Intrepid RTA Blitz Intrepid RTA Resin Drip Tip Features:Proprietary..
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Model: lef5xjpa
Show More The Dotmod dotCap delivers an incredible combination of style and functionality to improve the performance of the Petri RDA series, presenting a chuff-style design to maximize airflow capability. The dotCap base is manufactured out of heat-resistance Delrin base and features double o-rings..
Ex Tax:$24.95
Model: ttnvq7vg
Show More The Geek Vape 810 Resin Drip Tip is a beautifully formed drip tip, made from strong and durable resin, with a wider diameter than a 510 drip tip to allow for maximum Sub-Ohm flavor. The drip tip is compatible with a wide range of 810 fitted top caps, in addition to a plethora of GeekVape R..
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Model: bd265so8
Show More The Hellvape AG+ Drip Tip is a new breakthrough drip tip from Hellvape, crafted from a new innovative resin material that results in more hygenic and cleaner vaping experience by providing an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial environment.Hellvape AG+ Drip Tip Features:Logo 810 Drip Tip12.5..
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Model: ggkopg6m
Show More Manufactured by SMOK, the Cobra Resin 810 Drip Tip is an auxiliary add-on or modification for your SMOK Tank or any 810-fitted performance Sub-Ohm Tanks, featuring a unique resin casting process, widebore airflow, and an 810 connector. The acrylic material results in a sturdy drip tip that..
Ex Tax:$8.99
Model: vod6ql8o
Show More The SMOK Cobra V2 Snakeskin 810 Drip Tip presents a fusion of resin and metallic-appearance snakeskin pattern sized to fit on most 810 atomizers available on the market. It features a solid construction and double o-ring seal to create an infallible connection between the atomizer and the ..
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Model: gwnrzvs2
Show More The Uwell Crown 3 Tank Drip Tip is a 510 Hybrid Delrin Drip Tip featuring a golden decorative ring, colored middle band, and a delrin base for heat resistance, all perfect for personalizing the vape set up of your choice.Uwell Crown 3 Tank Drip Tip Features:510 ConnectionMaterial: Delrin +..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Model: ppbfecqi
Show More Discover the Uwell Crown 4 Drip Tip, a 510 widebore drip tip, crafted from delrin and metal materials, stylishly funneling vapor directly to the tongue.Uwell Crown 4 Drip Tip Features:510 ConnectionWide-boreMaterial: Delrin + Metal HybridAvailable in Metallic Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Purple..
Ex Tax:$9.99
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